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Deep down, you know.

Connect to your true gifts. Follow your higher wisdom. Banish doubt.

Activate your inner oracle.

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Hi! I'm Laura.

I love helping people like you access and activate their true gifts. I believe we are all born with the ability to access our inner oracle whenever we need. It's mostly just buried under a whole lotta BS.


If you spend a lot of time second guessing yourself, I get it. I used to ignore that inner wisdom and find myself regretting it.

When your inner wise one is front and center, you'll be able to lead your life instead of being led by it. When this happens, you'll...

  • stop asking everyone for advice and go within for answers

  • be able to sort through anything that is standing in your way

  • follow your higher self wisdom at every turn

  • know when to make a life change & what change to make

  • find beauty in every day experiences

  • direct your day / week / year to go exactly how you want it to

  • smile more, laugh more & have more fun

  • take full responsibility for your own well-being

  • feel calm, centered & aligned more of the time

  • be able to allow your loved ones to move freely on their own paths

  • understand what it means to live your best life without limitations... & actually live it

  • feel strong & confident - ready to take on anything


A variety of trainings to help bring your inner oracle online.

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the cards

Courses & reports. Make your own oracle playing card deck.

card party

chakra archetypes

in-depth courses to empower your chakra archetypes

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Quizzes. Mini books. How-to guides. Meditations. Courses. Yoga.


activate your inner oracle

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