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the chakra archetype courses

The Huntress
The Creative
The Hero
The Lover
The Queen
The Alchemist
The Visionary

all about it

The Chakra Archetype Course is a great way to learn to balance your entire energy body, making you feel amazing from the inside out.


With this course, you will learn how to harness your inner Huntress, Hero, Creative, Lover, Queen, Visionary and Alchemist through a variety of methods.

You can get all seven courses or scroll down to just purchase one at a time.

You will:

get an in-depth look into each chakra and learn how to work with the inherent power in each energy center for a more balanced life

clear & balance your chakras

walk away with whole bag of tools you can use to keep yourself in balance anytime

figure out what is preventing the energy of each chakra from being aligned

with all seven courses you'll learn to...

energetically reset yourself

connect to

your higher self

feel grounded


heal yourself

be more creative

love yourself

feel more connected

be more intuitive

tap into your inherent power

speak your truth

find greater peace

.... and so much more

what you get

The entire course includes:

7 archetype courses to help you break down each chakra and understand what you need to work on to embody that archetype

7 'all about' books with a fun, creative overview of each chakra including a playlist for each archetype and more

how to work with the vowel sounds to quickly clear and balance each chakra

the chakra 101 mini-book


reset your dang self with color audio meditation


7 yoga classes - one to help reset each chakra

all seven chakra courses

Not sure you want all seven? Just get one.


Can I do the course at my own pace?

How long will I have access to the course? 
It's yours as long as this website lives.

How do I access the classes once I sign up? Just log into this website.

More questions? 
Email me a hello @

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Hi! I'm Laura.

I’m an intuitive guide and I love helping people like you access and maximize their intuitive gifts.


I've always been obsessed with rainbows - ROY - G - BIV. Little did I know as a kid that our energy body can be healed, aligned and become more powerful based on this simple acronym.

For this course, I've gathered up everything that has helped me align my chakras and feel more centered, grounded, alive and I'd even say... happy!

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