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intuition training
~ 1-on - 1 ~

Want to work one-on-one to finally be able to use your intuition like you drive you car... like you've been doing it forever?

During four 50-minute sessions, we will:

  • Figure out how your intuitive abilities work

  • Improve them so you can trust them going forward 

  • Bust through anything holding you back from living an intuitive life

  • Work with your team on the other side to explore what's happening from an energetic and spiritual perspective as well as from an emotional and physical one

You can decide if we hold weekly calls or if you want to space the calls out up to three months.

Plus, during this time, you'll be able to send two emails with up to three questions, and I will send you an email back with a recording. I'll connect in with your team on the other side to get answers.

4 x 50 minute sessions + 2 x sets of Q&As | $877

Email me at hello @ to book. 

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